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Behaviour Consultations 

Owning a dog is a source of companionship and friendship and for many people a dog is their best friend.  However, there are times when people may experience behaviour problems which interfere with their ability to enjoy their dog's company. 

We offer professional consultations for all canine behaviour problems including:

  • aggression to dogs
  • aggression to people
  • anxiety
  • biting / snapping
  • car travel problems
  • chase behaviour
  • excitability
  • fear / nervousness
  • food / toy guarding
  • jumping up
  • multiple dog control
  • pulling on the lead
  • separation-related problems
  • sound phobia
  • stealing behaviour
  • territorial behaviour

One to one behaviour consultations are an ideal way to discuss your dog's behaviour in detail and to obtain a personalised treatment programme to help you address the problems you are experiencing.

All consultations are undertaken in a professional manner and the advice given is based on proven evidence for what works according to the behaviour problem you are experiencing.  A referral from your veterinarian is required to ensure there are no medical reasons for your dog's behaviour.  We will make all of these arrangements on your behalf, ensuring a prompt and efficient service.

Contact us to find out more details about how to book a behaviour consultation.

If you have already seen a qualified animal behaviourist and wish to receive assistance with putting your treatment programme into practice, you may wish to receive one to one support through our Rehabilitation Training service.

More About Behaviour Problems . . .

Does your dog demonstrate any of the following?

Aggression Towards Dogs

Does your dog growl and bark when they see other dogs?  Perhaps they lunge at dogs and show their teeth?  Do you find yourself avoiding situations where your dog may meet other dogs?

Chase Behaviour

Does your dog take off the moment it spots another moving object - birds, cars, dogs, playing children, moving footballs, rabbits???  Do you feel you powerless to get your dog to stop and come back to you in an emergency?

Biting / Snapping

Does your dog bite or snap at you on occasions?  Your dog may not cause you serious injuries (yet!) but you might be concerned about what they might do in the future, especially around children.

Car Travel Problems

Do your have problems with your dog travelling in the car?  Maybe they are afraid of getting into the car and they are too big to pick up or maybe they get extremely over excitable on car journeys - barking constantly or jumping around which might cause you concern for their (and your!) safety.  Both problems can make travelling by car a traumatic experience for both of you.

Jumping Up

Does your dog constantly jump up at you?  Maybe you are concerned that they will accidentally hurt your children or elderly relations?  Do they persist no matter how much you tell them off or push them down?

Separation-Related Problems

Does your dog destroy your home when you leave them alone in the house?  Perhaps your neighbours have complained about them barking or whining constantly?  Would it be a weight off your mind (and your wallet) to know that your dog is happy and relaxed at being left at home?

...then help is at hand

We can help you to understand why your dog behaves in the way that they do and explain to you how you can work with your dog using positive training to overcome their behaviour problem.  We can show you how to train your dog to co-operate and work as a team with you...all with no physical or verbal punishment.

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