Reward-based training for positive results


Most people wish for a dog who is willing to do as it is asked and comes when called no matter what temptations are around to act as distractions.  

It often takes time to achieve this ideal, especially if your dog has not been taught basic obedience from an early age. 

Obedience Training Course

We offer an informative and practical eight week obedience training course.  The course is ideal if you wish to brush up on your basic obedience skills whilst learning about your dogs body language, what motivates your dog and how to keep your dogs attention even when there are distractions nearby.

Set in our four and a half acre private training field, this course has the ideal setting for a realistic training environment.

We recommend this course if you wish to join an agility class in the near future or feel that improved obedience would benefit your relationship with your dog.

Practical exercises are given throughout the course that you can work on at home with your dog in order to get the best results.  Class sizes are kept small (max. 8 dogs) to ensure you both get the most out of your sessions.

Skills covered:

  • reliable recall - teach your dog to come to you EVERY time because they want to!
  • sit and wait - get control by ensuring your dog sit immediately and waits until YOU release them
  • attention - teach your dog to keep their eyes and focus on YOU when you need them to no matter what is happening around them 
  • motivation- find out what rewards you can use to get the best from your dog
  • on / off button- find out how to 'switch' your dog 'on' when you want them to listen and 'off' when you want them to relax and chill out.

As with all of our training, reward-based training is the only method used to ensure that your relationship with your dog is a happy and healthy one. 

Requirements . . .

To join these classes all dogs need to be sociable towards other people and dogs as you will be working in a group setting.

If you are concerned that your dog may not be sociable towards other dogs or people then you may have specific training needs that cannot be met in a group setting.  Our Rehabilitation Training service may suit your needs until you are ready to join a group.

We also offer personal tuition for people who are unable to commit to a regular group.  Here training is offered on a one-to-one basis through 45 minute individual training sessions.  Contact us for more details.

New Training Courses Recruiting - Autumn / Winter

We are currently recruiting to the following classes in the Camborne / Redruth area for the Autumn / Winter.  It is advisable to book as soon as possible as places are limited and fill quickly:

  • Agility for Beginners - Adult Dogs 12m +
  • Puppy Foundation Agility - Young Dogs 4m - 12m

Please contact us to register your interest or put your dogs name on our waiting list.  To find out more about agility classes click our Agility button or visit