Reward-based training for positive results

Rehabilitation Training 

We understand that sometimes people need a little practical support with the behaviour problems they have with their dogs.  Therefore, we offer one-hour rehabilitation training sessions to enable you to put your behaviour plan into practice in a private outdoor setting. 

These sessions are suitable if you wish to receive individual practical support following a behaviour consultation from Trudy Swann (or have had a behaviour problem previously diagnosed by a veterinarian or a qualified animal behaviourist).  They may be used to address any particular difficulties that you may be having with your dog which require specialist knowledge and advice.

Example 1:  Fear Aggression

If you have a dog who is nervous and uneasy in the company of other dogs you may find that they growl, bark and lunge at them, particularly when on a lead.  It can be extremely difficult to set up 'practice meetings' between your dog and others in public when you have this type of problem.  We can help you by offering structured sessions in a private setting where your dog can be introduced to reliable, friendly dogs in a safe and controlled manner.

Example 2:  Recall Problems

If your dog does not come back when you call them you may be concerned about letting them run free in public places, especially when you might not know what may be just around the corner.  We can offer you a step by step approach to getting a reliable recall within a safe setting.  Further, you will be able to practice your recall whilst we introduce controlled distractions that you and your dog find increasingly challenging.

Group Rehabilitation Training

There are times when people may find it useful to attend specialist training classes with other handlers who are experiencing similar problems with their dogs (such as the aggression or recall problems mentioned above).  It can be comforting to train with other owners who understand the problems you are having, rather than feeling that your dog is "the only one in the class" with issues.  We can link people who have dogs with similar behaviour problems to attend specialist group training sessions to work on their problems together while receiving professional supervision and feedback.

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Rescue Dog Training

Are you about to get a rescue dog, or have you just introduced a rescue dog into your household?  Well, firstly congratulations on taking a dog in need out of a rescue centre and into your home.  Maybe you know your dog's history or maybe you know nothing about their past.  Either way we can offer you one-to-one rehabilitation sessions to help you and your new dog get to know each other and develop a bond as a new team. 

Sessions include understanding your new dog's body language, how to introduce them to dogs and people they have not met before, how to handle them safely, how to teach them to share their food and toys, when to let them off the lead and teaching them a reliable recall from day one.

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