Reward-based training for positive results

Puppy Training 

The best possible time to start training a dog is when they are a puppy.  Puppies absorb new information quickly and are keen to learn.  They love working out what they need to do to earn the treat or toy you have in your hand.

While your dog is young it is the best time to work on becoming the most important person in your puppy's world so you can form a great bond together. 

You want to train your puppy in the right way to set them up for being a confident and sociable adult.  That means using positive reward-based training.  To give you and your puppy a relaxed and fun introduction to dog training we offer 4-week puppy socialisation courses and 4 or 8-week puppy foundation agility classes.

Puppy Basic Socialisation Course

Our courses teach you and your puppy training techniques for basic obedience - sit, down, wait, leave and how to get a reliable recall.  In order to ensure your training is useful in the "outside world" we also cover how to maintain your puppy's obedience when distractions are present. 

Puppy Foundation Agility Classes

These classes are available for puppies and young dogs aged 4 to 12 months old and are veterinarian recommended.  They are an introduction to agility for you and your puppy, but only using groundwork to ensure your puppy's joints are not put under any innappropriate pressure while they are still developing. 

The classes run in 8 week blocks and as there are other dogs of a similar age in the class, it is a great opportunity for your pup to continue to meet other dogs and handlers.

The classes cover how to get a controlled start (sit and wait) in addition to a quick release (ready, steady, go!).  We teach your puppy about co-ordination, balance and rear-end awareness and how to react to your body language.  These skills will be especially beneficial if you wish to do agility with your dog when they are an adult. 

Basic equipment such as jump wings, poles and contact equipment (a-frame and dog walk) are introduced at ground level, so your puppy can familiarise themselves with how the equipment looks and feels.

For both our Basic Obedience Course and our Puppy Foundation Agility Classes, we ensure that you and your puppy will be given the opportunity to have fun together.  This is mainly achieved through the use of toys and treats.  However, it is also important that your pup is rewarded through interacting with YOU - the most important thing in your puppy's life!

To find out more about our puppy training please Contact Us.

New Training Courses Recruiting Now with Immediate Starts

In response to customer demand, we are now offering a rolling programme for our puppy socialisation classes!!!

This means that as soon as your pup is old enough to go out and about and meet the outside world, you can join our puppy socialisation class.  Early socialisation is critical for your puppy, so now you do not have to wait for a new course to start!

We are currently recruiting to the following classes in the Camborne / Redruth / St Agnes / Falmouth & Penryn areas  We hold daytime and evening classes and it is advisable to book as soon as possible as places are limited and fill quickly:

  • Puppy Socialisation Classes - Pups aged from 2nd vaccination to 5 months old (i.e. who are ready to meet the outside world)
  • Puppy Foundation Agility - Young Dogs aged 4 months - 15 months old
  • Dog Obedience Classes - for dogs who require basic training who missed out on the essentials as a puppy, or who need assistance to get back on track!

Please contact us to register your interest or put your dogs name on our waiting list. To find out more about agility classes click our Agility button or visit our dedicated agility website